Athlete Testimonial: Jean McInerney


I have been an endurance athlete in duathlon for about 10 years. I love the sport, but my performance was always a bit off – I would get about half-way through a race and absolutely hit a wall. I knew it was my nutrition (or lack thereof) but had no idea how to make it better.  I tried making changes on my own, eating different things pre-race/post-race, etc, but nothing seemed to help, and some were even worse!

Last year I also started CrossFit training and those workouts were a whole new level of difficulty – I would bonk well before the class was over.

I talked about these issues with my coach who recommended and introduced me to Food For Fuel. He got me in touch with Dana and Amanda who have helped me learn how to eat healthy while fueling the high-intensity workouts and races I love to do.

Since that day, they have helped me learn how to manage my nutrition for racing, CrossFit and just everyday life!  I have more energy, sleep better, eat better and my attitude has vastly improved.

Those are, quite frankly, the most important aspects of my transformation. The added bonus has been the unbelievable improvement I have achieved in my training and racing. I have become a faster runner and a more efficient cyclist, just to name a few of many physical improvements.  This year my race season was phenomenal!  With the help of Dana and Amanda and the nutrition plan they gave me, I finished every race in the top 3 in my age group, even getting a 1st Place Age Group finish! I’ve also qualified for the 2018 Duathlon National Championships!

The biggest thing I’ve noticed is how much stronger and healthier I’ve become. I am 57 years old and I am in better shape now than any other time in my life. The results I’ve experienced from Food For Fuel are also visible! I am building muscle, losing that “pudgy belly” that I thought was going to be life-long companion and gaining strength.  I know this is due to my changes in nutrition.

Starting FFF is the hardest part but it is so worth it! That first scary moment when you look at your food log and wonder how to start eating healthy and properly and keep track of it all … it’s only a first time once. And the best part is, with Dana and Amanda, you don’t have to do it alone, they are there for you every step of the way and truly care about your progress.


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