Athlete Testimonial: Gabe Romero


A majority of the FFF clients we have are athletes who are looking for the extra edge–going up or down a weight class, fueling properly for endurance training, leaning out to make gymnastics movements easier, etc. Today, we want to introduce you to a client of ours who came to us with their health as the number one factor…

Gabe reached out to us because he needed help saving his life, literally. Read on to see what we are talking about, and recognize that this transformation has been imperative to his longevity and incredibly moving for us as coaches to know that we are able to help him live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

“I started FFF soon after a doctor’s visit. A blood test result indicated I was at the beginning stages of an enlarged heart, putting me at a high risk of a heart disease. It was a pretty big wake up call.

My weight had gotten out of control after I found out my left knee had no more cartilage left in it. I’m bow legged and I’ve always been a big guy which didn’t help that much. I was constantly turning to food to cheer me up. I still continued to lift heavy weights despite the knee pain. The heavy weight lifting and being obese were too much for my body to deal with which led to the heart issue.

[After 24 weeks] the heart issue is gone, the knee pain is almost gone and I just generally feel better now! I’ll probably get one more stem cell therapy treatment done on my knee when I’m 300lbs. They said my weight would hold me back from making a full recovery. At the time I was 373lbs and they wanted me to lose at 10 pounds before I came back. I can only imagine the looks on their faces when I stroll in at 300lbs!

The biggest impact for me I would say is I feel like I can do anything now. Simply walking was a chore not long ago. Now I look forward to going out and seeing new places and doing things. Recently we went to Brookfield Zoo and saw the entire place! In the past I probably would have needed a break every 20 – 30 mins and we would have seen maybe half the place.

In training, [CrossFit/weightlifting] I have more energy, but of course the goal is weight loss right now. The biggest change is I feel so much healthier and generally better now even though I’m still working towards my goal.

If someone were to ask me about FFF, I would say just follow the numbers as close as possible and let Amanda and Dana worry about the rest. It’s that easy!!! I’ve tried all kinds of different diets and had some very mild success. Strict paleo, zone paleo, chris powell carb cycling, etc. None of it worked for me because it didn’t give me the freedom to eat whatever I wanted. At least I think that’s why. Now I can eat super clean all day and have that little bit of ice cream or chocolate after dinner if I want. I’ve had setbacks letting my old “eat everything in sight” self come out every once in awhile doing FFF, but the numbers on the scale don’t lie. Be true to the macros and the scale will follow. Fun fact, I don’t need the obese person scale anymore! Most scales don’t go over 350lbs!”



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