Athlete Testimonial: Mary Doupis


Meet Mary…an amazing young woman with so much potential. She is a proud member of the U.S. Army Reserve, a bad ass weightlifter, a coach/personal trainer, and an all around inspiring human being! She has been with us for quite some time now and every single week she learns something from us, and better yet, we learn something from her. Here is what she has to say about her journey with Food For Fuel…

“FFF has changed my life by helping me stay accountable. I firmly believe that accountability is the main reason people fail (I know it’s why I fail sometimes). With the check-ins every week, it keeps me focused in the short term in order to achieve what needs to be accomplished for the long term. Not only that, but having mid-week communication at any point via FB/ e-mail has been extremely encouraging. Being easily accessible to communicate throughout the week when temptations are high, carbs are low… and feeling mentally drained… one message to Amanda or Dana keep me in check and driven… and they’re super understanding, real people so it helps to vent and I commend them for dealing with all my stresses and rants haha.

FFF has indefinitely changed my training.. FOR THE BETTER. I can’t lie, it was/is a hard process. Once I overcame some personal/mental/emotional obstacles regarding going UP a weight class for competition (in Olympic Weightlifting) and fully embraced that, MY lifts and training sessions never felt more energized and solid. It’s the slow increments with food which forces me to be patient but also see crazy good results in such little time. I added supplements at the right time (i.e. protein shake during training) with my added food. I am less susceptible to become sore and recover quicker than ever. FFF really helps me just mentally focus on what’s important and that’s my mental game during training, not worrying about “Am I eating enough?” “Am I eating too much?” “Is this okay to eat? If so, how much?”…etc. I can go about my day enjoying food rather than feeling like it is a chore or burden. Also, FFF helps me not feel guilty for being human and wanting some treats now and then…  if I do splurge a little and treat myself, It’s okay. The encouragement is unreal to get back on the wagon when you fall off… and THAT is why I choose FFF..

The biggest change I have seen is recovery and stamina through training. Not feeling drained halfway through a session is HUGE. What’s the fun in training if you feel like dying and you’re so hungry and distracted by the rumbling in your stomach?!  With FFF, that’s NOT the case. I have more time to mentally prepare for the big and small lifts ahead, as well as all of the auxiliary exercises after.

Biggest impact on my life? My love for food.This journey started back in College when I was deciding to join the U.S. Army. (2012). I needed to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks. Anyone who knows how weight loss works, it’s physically possible to lose 15 lbs THAT soon in a HEALTHY way. I was on the elliptical and running almost everyday, even after a day of Throwing practice and heavy lifting sessions (as a Collegiate Athlete) eating salads and little meat with little to no carbs. Needless to say I lost the weight…but at the cost of my joy, energy, and mental health…and deficit in performance for Throwing..

Since then I constantly felt like I needed to “lose weight”… but what was I trying to lose? I don’t doubt for one second that body dysmorphic disorder is a real thing…that there are minor dosages of it in each insecure person depending on the environment they were raised. I had little to no energy, my lifts were going up but not at the rate at which they should’ve and my self image was so skewed that every time I look back at pictures from the past I go “What WAS I Thinking! I look great!, almost ripped, skinny but strong, so much potential if I had the right mindset and knowledge”. At that point, when I got back from my Military Training, I made it my life to get into health/fitness/athletics. I wanted to learn as much as possible about the RIGHT way to do things and train people- psychologically, physically and mentally. FFF has helped me get back on that path in a healthy way, with more knowledge and encouragement.  FFF helps me realize and instill the mindset that who am I NOW and what I look like is exactly what I am supposed to be- STRONG, PERFORMER (lifter), and CONFIDENT.

FFF may just be a small detail in my life, but makes the biggest impact overall. As I heard once before, the devil is in the DETAIL, the devil is in the DISCIPLINE and FFF definitely helps instill that into their customers/athletes/humans!

I guess you can say that that’s the #1 thing FFF is to me.”


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