Getting Started

The Food For Fuel Program started as a way for us to help our peers understand the importance of proper nutrition. We knew we wanted to tap into the macro tracking world, but we also knew that it was much more than just fitting any foods into your daily numbers. Food was never meant to be anything more than fuel but overtime, humans have gotten away from that and now we see more and more disease caused by unhealthy diets.

We strive to show everyone the power of using real foods to fuel you properly. While using the motto of eating Earth Grown Nutrients as the base of your diet, we still encourage eating favorite meals that aren’t so “healthy” in an effort to create an overall healthy lifestyle without the habit of binging on guilty pleasures.  

Deciding to embark on a nutrition journey can be very intimidating. How do I even start?! What foods should I eat?! How do I track macros?! Just know that we have been there too and over the years we have come up with plenty of tips to help our clients get started on this wonderful journey!

Before we share with you some of our tips, we want to emphasize that this is in fact a lifestyle change and you should not feel as if it all has to be done at once. Part of the acclimation process is taking it step by step. We never overwhelm you with too many things at once- we generally have our members spend a solid week getting used to whatever goal we have set.

First things first, the easiest way to stay committed to eating Earth Grown Nutrients as the base of your diet is to rid your home of temptations. Remember- we said to keep some favorites around, but excess junk in your cabinets is only going to derail progress. Maybe pick two items to keep around that won’t be hard to fit into your goals…perhaps that’s your coffee creamer you use daily and maybe some chocolate chips for when your sweet tooth strikes (these are two items that can be used in very small amounts that won’t put you over on calories.)

Once you have cleaned house, you will need to do some shopping to fill up on quality pantry staples and lots of fruits and veggies for the fridge. There is an old trick used to guarantee that you are buying fresh foods, and that’s to shop the perimeter of the grocery store. This is where you will find your produce, meats, dairy, eggs, etc. Try to add fruits and veggies in varying colors to your cart to ensure you’re getting a wide variety of micro nutrients. We also love the idea of eating with the season, as this will yield the freshest produce for sure! *For a more detailed example of the foods we are suggesting, please take a moment to read our blog on how to build a balanced meal. We provide great examples of pantry staples as well as other Earth Grown Nutrient foods to incorporate weekly.

Once you have an idea of the foods to be eating, you will want to start acquiring the tools needed to weigh and measure your food. We recommend using a food scale whenever possible, as it is by far the most accurate means of measuring. Using measuring cups and spoons will come second, and lastly, you can always eyeball portions when need be by using the below guidelines:


*You may also want to stock up on Tupperware if you do not already have it. These are a lifesaver when it comes to meal prep!   

Before you can start with meal prepping, you will want to get accustomed to using a meal tracking app. We like MyFitnessPal (large verified food data base) and My Macros+ (very customizable and easy to use). Here are tutorials on both MyFitnessPal and My Macros+ that you can follow if you are unsure on how to go about tracking with these apps. *Keep in mind that if you are working with Food For Fuel, we will give you your daily macro/calorie goals!

Lastly, when you begin your meal prep, don’t complicate things! We don’t have to be 5 star chefs! Let’s start simple and worry about complicated recipes later on when we become tracking pros! Seriously, keep things easy…cook meat and veggies in bulk and create meals out of them as you go! Refer back to the previously mentioned blog on building meals and use this link to see how we take the time to plan out our daily meals so that we are sure to hit our macros!

Starting your healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult! Take your time, make the above mentioned tips habits, and in no time you will be living a happier, healthier life!


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