FFF Spotlight: Athlete Jeremy Perez

As much as we love research and providing you with science backed information, we also love show casing our hard working FFF members! We don’t have words to express how proud we are of each individual member and how grateful we are that they put their trust in us to help them fuel properly and look amazing!

This month, we are spotlighting FFF Athlete, Jeremy. He is so dedicated to this program and the results are obvious. Take a moment to learn more about Jeremy and his journey with FFF!


Name: Jeremy Perez

What is your workout/exercise of choice?: Olympic lifts! There’s no feeling like explosively throwing a bunch of weight over your head. Snatches are definitely my favorite.

Do you compete in any sports?: Olympic weightlifting and baseball. I used to play Semi-Pro football, and the desire to become a more explosive athlete on the field is what got me into the weightlifting world.

What fueled your decision to start working with Food For Fuel?: I’ve been seriously and consistently training for about a year and a half now, so I thought the next step towards achieving my potential as a lifter was to get my diet in order. I’ve always eaten relatively clean (or so I thought), but never cared to pay attention to portion sizes or to count macros. Earlier this year, a friend of mine shared a photo on Facebook showing his amazing results after counting macros for several weeks. I commented to show some love and learn a bit more about this macro counting thing, and it was at that point that Amanda reached out to me to start up with FFF.

What is your favorite food: Pizza and breakfast foods!!! I’m always taking suggestions for a good place for either šŸ™‚

What have you learned from working with FFF?: I’ve learned that preparation is key. Every morning, I log all the food I plan on eating that day in an effort to discourage spur of the moment eating decisions. When I log early in the morning, I feel as if I already ate that food in my mind, so there’s no changing what’s there. Like many of you all, I live a busy life, juggling work, school and training. Going about my day with my meals and snacks handy gives me a sense of comfort, knowing that I won’t go to bed that night stressing about how poorly I ate that day. With all that’s going on in my life, I have more important things to divert my energy towards!

Have you made any significant accomplishments since starting with Food For Fuel?: In regards to weight, I’ve lost 20+ lbs (while maintaining my strength) since starting with FFF. Most of my goals upon starting were related to my training, and I’m ecstatic to say I’ve set multiple PRs the last few months, including my best clean from the floor!


Words of wisdom/bit of advice for newbies: I have two things I’d like to share…

1) Don’t be afraid of failure.

You’re gonna have off days. Sometimes you’ll feel like you haven’t made enough progress. You have to trust this process and believe that you are in no better hands than those of Amanda and Dana.

2) My favorite one – CONSISTENCY

Of course, hitting your macros perfectly everyday would be an ideal situation. But that’s not the type of consistency I’m talking about.

I’m talking about consistently counting and logging your macros every day, no matter how perfectly you hit them or how far you fell off.

I’m talking about consistently checking in with your coaches, keeping up with progress pictures and always staying honest with yourself. Doing so will only help you and your coaches figure out what is and isn’t working and what changes could be made to get you closer to your goals.

Look, Amanda and Dana are great at what they do, but they aren’t miracle workers. They work extremely hard to put you on the path to success, but it’s up to you to reciprocate that effort and do your part.

Humor us…tell us an interesting fact or something funny about yourself!: Prior to joining Forza Weightlifting Club, I bench pressed more than I squatted! Everyday used to be chest & arm day, and now I couldn’t even tell you the last time I benched or did a bicep curl!


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