How to Accomplish Your Long Term Goal: Part 2


… Part 2!

We really hope you took the time to come up with your long term using the methods we laid out in the previous post. If you think creating the goal is daunting, then think about trying to reach it without a plan…seems impossible, right? So if you didn’t use the method, there’s always time to go back and read and come up with your goals!

This week we talk about making excuses for ourselves and how to re-think our priorities. Spoiler alert- we are using health/fitness as our overall example again because that’s what we do 😉

How many times in your life have you said that you don’t have time for something? “I would workout more but I don’t have time.” “I would meal prep but I’m just too busy.” Saying that you don’t have time for something or you’re too busy means that it’s not a priority in your life and you may be lacking time management skills. Rather than saying you don’t have time, get in a habit of saying this out loud: “Losing weight is not a priority.” “Eating healthy is not a priority.” Or how about this one to really get you thinking… “Being healthy so I can play with my kids is not a priority.”  Put things in a little different perspective, doesn’t it?

This brings us to the next point; if you say no to things that are not priorities, you can make room for those that are. Maybe this means saying no to watching TV for an hour after work and instead hitting the gym. Maybe this means saying no to ordering takeout and instead making dinner while packing your meals for the next day. Maybe this means saying no to drinks Friday night so that you can wake up feeling great the next day to take your kids to the park.

If money is a hindrance to your goal, then let’s talk about the value of these things. Can you place a value on your health? Are there other things in your life that are not as healthy or beneficial to your longevity that you could give up in order to pursue something you want and/or need? Instead of spending $50/week on take out, use that money towards a gym membership. If “eating healthy” is too expensive, then take a look at your pantry and fridge and take note of the unhealthy foods that you’ve spent money on- if you no longer purchase those items, you can use the money towards fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you haven’t done so already, then maybe creating your long term goal will be easier now that you’ve done some contemplating on what your true priorities are. Again- this does not have to be solely health related, this could be with regards to your career, etc. We are more than happy to help you organize your goals with regards to any aspect of your life!


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